Electronic Manufacturers

Printed Circuit Board Terminals and Connectors, Wire Ferrules and Tools for Crimping Ferrules and Cable Grips.
LED, LCD , Cable Assemblies, Plastic Injection Molding, PCBs, Connectors and Custom Design







High-Precision Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits (ICs), Analog and Mixed-Signal Audio ICs, and High-Precision Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs For Industrial Applications and Power Metering, ARM Integrated Processors

Comus is One of the World's Leading Manufacturers/Suppliers of Tilt Switches, Reed Switches, Relays, Float Switches, Smart Sensors and Magnets.
Small and Medium-sized Displays For A Range of Applications From Mobile Devices and Other Consumer Products To Automotive Electronics and Industrial Equipment
Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics (KOE), A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Japan Display Inc (JDI), Provides An Extensive Range of Otimised and Rugged Display Solutions.

Ultracapacitors for Efficiency and Power in Consumer Electronics, Hybrid Cars and Renewable Energy Sources

















BI is a Global Manufacturer of Passive, Magnetics and Microcircuit Modules.

IRC is a State of the Art Manufacturer of Resistive Products Utilizing Thin and Thick Film Technologies. IRC Offers a Wide Range of Wirewound and Metal Film Components as Well as an Advanced Thick Film on Steel Technology Line of Products.

OPTEK Technology is a Leading Manufacturer of Standard and Application-Specific Sensors Using Infrared, Visible, Magnetic, and Fiber Optic Technologies

Semelab Manufactures High Reliability Modules for Extreme Environments

Welwyn Designs and Manufactures Resistors and Microelectronic Assemblies

MLCC, Tantalum and X2Y Capacitors. Chip Resitors, Chip Inductors, EMC Components and LTCC Components.
Condor/Ault: Internal and External DC Power Supplies For Commercial and Medical Applications
Engineering, Design and Manufacturing of DRAM, SDRAM & RAMBUS Modules, Compact Flash , Secure Digital and Smart Media.



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